Web Scraping, Gegevens Extraction, Web Mining

Web Scraping, Gegevens Extraction, Web Mining

Web Scraping, Gegevens Extraction, and Web Mining

Do you need to web-scrape web gegevens into your database, spreadsheet or any other application? Ter just minutes, you can use KantuX to do all the web-harvesting you need – automatically and without coding.

Samenvatting Anything

Quickly turn web pagina content into structured gegevens all without coding, IT resources, or headaches. Whether it’s price lists, stock information, financial gegevens or any other type of gegevens, KantuX can samenvatting it. KantuX can even samenvatting text from movies and PDF documents. The gegevens can be written to standard CSV text files or you can use KantuX’s API to write directly to databases.

KantuX’s screen scraping solution permits you to visually mark the gegevens that you want to samenvatting (“scrape”). You simply draw pink framework(s) around the gegevens that you need. KantuX then retrieves the gegevens directly from the HTML source or extracts it visually by using high-quality OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The OCR treatment works not only for web scraping, but also for PDF scraping, pictures (screen scraping) and movies.

This screenshot shows the Extraction wizard inwards the KantuX Editor. Essentially this is a little graphical editor that permits you the draw, budge and delete green and pink frames.

Real-World Use Cases

Some real-word examples of how KantuX is used to samenvatting gegevens:

  • Download gegevens from various online banking sites, consolidate them and upload to Google Spreadsheets for order processing
  • Update internal systems with the latest exchange rates and stock-market quotations.
  • Samenvatting gegevens from PDF invoices via OCR (receipt OCR)
  • Gather search engine rankings.
  • Monitor order status from e-commerce portals. See what orders you still need to fulfill, when they were ordered, and all applicable details.
  • Gather bookings for any type of resort, or area.
  • Gather price, quantity, voorwerp name, description, etc., from a supplier’s webstek.
  • Check competitor’s shipping rates on major shopping sites.
  • Monitor web-server availability and status.
  • Samenvatting product photos and specification documents.
  • Samenvatting useful information from encyclopedia and journal websites.

I run hundreds of macros against hundreds of websites each week. If it wasn’t for KantuX I would have to sit around all day and download gegevens.

Why Choose KantuX for Web Scraping/Gegevens Extraction?

Works with every webstek

Even websites that use dialog boxes, frames, Javascript, Flash, Ripple, Java and even AJAX can be automated with KantuX.

Zero learning curve

KantuX integrates with every Windows scripting or programming language, so there’s no need to learn a fresh language to work with KantuX.

You’re te total control

KantuX is an application that you can run on your own machine(s), not a hosted service. You have utter control overheen it and it never expires.

Built-in toolset

KantuX comes with sample macros, scripts and programs (with accomplish source code) that you can lightly customize for your own needs.

Built-in OCR and PDF gegevens extraction

KantuX is the only web scraping instrument with built-in zonal OCR features. Zonal OCR is a type of optical character recognition permits the software to read specific areas or “zones” of a document. So it can samenvatting information even from movies or PDF. This works also fine for receipt OCR.

Custom-built script creation available

Our tech support can help you getting embarked, and even create the very first gegevens extraction scripts for you – at no extra cost.

For more in-depth information on how KantuX gegevens extraction works technically, visit the web scraping user manual.

Just a quick note to say thanks spil wij have now just about finished development of the application (macros) for which it wasgoed purchased. Overall a indeed excellent product, and fantastic support. It will undoubtedly save us a lotsbestemming of time and money te the coming months, and no doubt wij will find lots of fresh ways to make use of it.

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