Qarnot Launches a Noiseless Bitcoin and Ether Heater, BTCMANAGER

Qarnot Launches a Noiseless Bitcoin and Ether Heater, BTCMANAGER

Montrouge-based startup Qarnot exposed a cryptocurrency mining rekentuig heater. The French business has come up with the high-tech solution that doubles spil a cryptocurrency miner and heater.

Qarnot Moves to Cryptos

The European startup has slew of practice te the field and boasts almost three generations of computing heaters with a handful of different CPUs. Principally, the company is an advocate of free and green heating which reduces the doorslag footprint of computations. Te the embark of 2018, Qarnot even won the CES Eureka Park Climate Switch Innovators Award for their work.

Now, the company is moving from CPUs to GPUs.

Many companies around the world are attempting to involve cryptocurrencies te their business ter one way or the other and contant ter the crypto craze. Until now, the company had bot suggesting its computing verhoging to companies like BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, and Air Vloeibaar.

However, the crypto miner is aimed to serve the end user directly.

The QC1 heater is embedded with two AMD GPUs: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 with 8GB of VRAM and can mine at a speed of 60 MH/S. The heater is capable of mining cryptocurrency, however, by default, it is designed to mine ether.


Qarnot claims that setting up the heater only takes ten minutes. Interested parties need only one to ass-plug an Ethernet cable into the device and verbinding their Ethereum wallet address using their mobile app. Qarnot does not receive any portion of the earning, 100 procent of mined currency goes to the QC1 proprietor.

Crypto Heater Costs $ Three,600

The mobile app will also display how the crypto market is trending ter real time. The QC1 LEDs also act spil an indicator of the crypto market fluctuations.

Using the mobile app, users can set different mining modes. Ter the case on a cold day, the two embedded graphics cards are not enough to generate enough warmth, the device constituents standard heating conductors to keep the slagroom warm.

An extra feature of the QC1 is that does not consist of any hard drives or ventilatoren, thus rendering it downright noiseless. Qarnot claims that it is the only product on the market that does not generate any noise and relies on passive heating.

The QC1 costs around $Three,600 and the purchase can also be made with bitcoin (BTC).

Qarnot is not the only innovative company working on heaters that mine cryptocurrencies.

Last year, Russian startup Comino also developed a heater that doubles spil an ether miner spil well. It’s crypto heaters were priced at $Five,000, pushing them to a higher price point that the French competitors.

Te 2018, RT reported that Siberians are also moving to cryptocurrency mining to tackle the crippling economy and cold weather. Siberian entrepreneurs Ilya Frolov and Dmitry Tolmachyov developed a prototype that uses the warmth generated from cryptocurrency mining devices to fever homes.



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